Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Charlotte New Music Festival, USA: Day 14 - the end of an adventure

These beautiful people :)
It's finally come to an end :(
It really has been an amazing two weeks for me - I've learned so much, refreshed parts of my knowledge that were hiding away in the corners of my mind, written some great new music and worked with some absolutely amazing musicians (composers and performers alike). This workshop has definitely reignited a fire and a passion for the music I'm creating, and I am so very pleased I did this. Because I was 'the token brit' on this course, many people were asking me over the course of the workshop how I actually heard about the Charlotte New Music Festival - and the answer is: Google. I typed 'composer opportunities' into Google and this popped up, so I read through the info, decided it sounded amazing, then realised it was the last day of application so I hurried through my application form, sent it off (promptly forgot about it), and then amazingly I was selected to take part. I am so very happy I took that chance - there's a lot to be said about 'taking chances / risks'. If the worst that can happen to you is being exactly the same as you were before, you have to go for it.

So, nothing actually happened as part of the festival on Sunday, other than slowly watching everyone pack up and go home until it was only myself and Calvin Hitchcock left. So I thought I'd do a highlight of my favourite moments of the whole festival across all aspects
"If it's worth saying once...."
  • Composer Bingo: A game that was invented - during dicussions/panels/presentations various words tend to come a lot (see picture). The overwhelming winner was 'commission' (although I think we need a recount because 'Bowling Green' wasn't included on the list)
  • The Miniature's Concert - speedwriting galore featuring the Beo String Quartet and concert toy-pianist Adam Scott Neal, it was a superb array of new music. Although personally, two things stuck out: overall winner Bill Heize's incredibly witty quotation to 'The Rite of Spring', and Calvin Hitchcock's genius piece which had Adam singing in a southern-country drawl. #classic
  • The #bantermobile - there are a lot of favourite memories from this beast of a vehicle, but two in particular spring to mind - Daniel Choi's fabulous rendition of 'A short ride in a fast machine', and Jeff Nicholas's hilarious 'hit-on-and-run' incident. 
  • CNMF Karaoke - just the best night out, with everyone having a grand old time and good old go (and no-one too proud to not make an arse out of themselves either!)
  • Lawrence Dillon's presentation - it was life changing, I don't really need to say anymore
  • The compliments - as a musician it's always wonderful when people compliment you on your music, but a CNMF my music resulted in some hot under the collar flustering, some sexual-orientation questioning and a marriage proposal - that's a whole new level of flattery right there!
  • Performing at Petra's Bar... Twice! - Singing my Shakespeare setting ('Sigh No More') on the open mic night was amazing - singing with the Jazz musicians at the Open Jazz session was incredible
And finally, because I got to share these last few weeks with an incredible bunch of people, I think I should share them with you all as well (there's a few missing, hopefully these will fill in!):

- Clay Allen: www.clayallenmusic.com
- Richard An: http://richardanmusic.weebly.com
- Andrew Binder: https://soundcloud.com/andrewhbinder
- Cody Brookshire: https://soundcloud.com/codybrookshire / www.CodyBrookshire.com
- Marissa DiPriono-Pike: https://www.jdmdmusic.com/home-1.html
- Olivia Kieffer: www.oliviakieffer.com
- Trey Makler: www.soundcloud.com/Trey-Anthony-Makler
- Rachel E. Matthews: https://soundcloud.com/rachel-e-matthews
- Zack Merritt: www.zackmerritt.com 
- Jacob Sandridge: https://soundcloud.com/jacobsandridge
- Cassie Wieland: https://soundcloud.com/cassiewieland

- Adam Scott Neal: www.adamscottneal.com 
- Elizabeth Kowalski: http://www.themusicqueen.com
- David Schneider: http://davidschneidermusic.com

- The Great Noise Ensemble: http://www.greatnoiseensemble.com
- The Beo String Quartet: http://www.beostringquartet.com/#beohome
- Loadbang: http://www.loadbang.com

And myself: Lydia Jane Pugh: www.lydiajanepugh.com  /  soundcloud.com/lydia-jane-pugh 

Please, follow the links and celebrate new music -
This is me, signing off from the Charlotte New Music Festival 2015: it's been incredible
Thank you #CNMF2015

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